Bakersfield Heat Waves -Oh MY!

Pools aren't just a Luxury, it's Necessity!

Bakersfield, California… What Can you say about this place? Many things of course (Love it or Hate it), but one thing everyone who lives in this community and everyone who happens to travel through it can agree on is that it is Hot! Really Hot!!!

So many homes, So many pools...

Don't just get your feet wet, It's time to Jump Right In!

In general, the greater Bakersfield area geographically consists of a desert landscape with an average yearly high of 76.8°F (, making it the perfect California spot to enjoy your Bakersfield homes with pools. However, don’t let that yearly average fool you. Bakersfield can reach extreme high temperatures as high as 118°F (! Also during summer time, Bakersfield frequently has heat waves that easily last for 2 weeks or more at a time of 105°F+. Can you say sweaty (or insert any other term for hot and uncomfortable)? During those times owning a pool isn’t just a luxury, it is a NECESSITY! One of the great features of Bakersfield is the fact that the weather permits for a lot of pool time. Bakersfield reaches temperatures suitable for swimming as early as late March/early April and continues well into Late October/Early November on some years. That’s 8 out of 12 months a year to enjoy that sparkling clear blue pool!!!


Which is why so many people in the market are looking for Bakersfield Homes with Pools in all of greater Kern County. Bakersfield has 4 Community Pools including McMurtrey Aquatic Center, that is centrally located in Downtown Bakersfield.  It is great that our community understands the need for refreshing summer adventures (the movie Sandlot comes to mind) but you want your own private pool, right? Great! At the time I’m writing this, roughly 20% of listed homes are Bakersfield Homes with Pools. Giving many home buyers looking for a new home, options when it comes to finding great Bakersfield Homes with Pools!


Why invest in Bakersfield homes with pools? Although creating your dream pool would be nice, sometimes the price tag can quickly turn that dream into a nightmare. To take the plunge or not, that tis the question? I recommend buying a Bakersfield homes with pools because they are a great value. There are other costs associated with owning a pool to consider, including pool service, maintenance and increased electricity bills (especially when running a spa’s heater). Yikes, more expenses but don’t fret.

Splash Around A Bit

And DO NOT Forget the Sunblock!

Besides the obvious refreshing benefit of the amenity, buying a home with a pool has many benefits that might NOT be the first thought when buying. According to the National Association of Realtors (, pools can Increase your home’s value between 4-6%. Now that doesn’t cover the cost of the pool (especially when building your dream pool VS. a standard pool); However, a house that has a pool and that is valued at $500K, could sell for as much as $30K more then it’s neighbors’ homes without pools. Even for properties priced well below $500K, Bakersfield homes with pools tend to sell faster than homes without. So, at the very minimum a plus to owning Bakersfield homes with pools, will create a faster sale and that usually translates to more money on the sale (for the longer a home is listed on the market, the less perceived value there is buy consumer, which then creates lower prices). This may be a big deal if you have a job that requires you move around a lot such as military and/or oilfield related jobs.


Owning a Home with a pool has a great impact on children. I can relate from my own personal experience and can attest to having great memories swimming with my cousins and friends as a child. From playing Marco-Polo, to Shark, to watching nieces and nephews learn to swim, I will never forget summers and swimming in our family’s pool. And Children aren’t the only ones that benefit when buying Bakersfield homes with pools, the entire extended family, from grandparents to grandchildren, will spend quality family time around the pool.


Pools always seem to be the center of the backyard (even if it’s not the actual center) where all the excitement takes place. The pool becomes the hub for casual talks, laughs, play time, and general quality time with family members when coming together for 4th of July, birthday parties, and other such get-togethers. Owning a pool also opens the doors to relationships with the neighbors. Not everyone can afford a pool. And it won’t take long for the neighborhood to know who has a pool. Opening your home and your pool to the neighbors helps strengthen the bond between your neighborhood and your hyper local community. Now a day’s you can’t put a price on a close-knit community.

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