Calling all Bakersfield Homeowners: The new homeowner’s essential tool kit

Elliott McCracken
Published on January 26, 2017

Calling all Bakersfield Homeowners: The new homeowner’s essential tool kit

As new Bakersfield Homeowners, just when you think the drain on your savings couldn’t get any worse, you close on your new home, unlock the door and move in. All is right with the world.

Experienced Bakersfield homeowners understand, however, that it takes living in a home for a few weeks to notice all those items that need fixing and those you simply wish to change. The last thing to want to do right now, however, is spend even more money. But, spend you must if you hope to make the home comfortable. Remember, you no longer have a landlord to call for repairs as you are now Bakersfield Homeowners; you’ll need to either make them yourself or call a professional.

If you’re handy and you have the tools required, many routine repairs are DIY projects. If you don’t have the tools, it’s easy and inexpensive to assemble a basic tool kit and the other items you’ll need to tackle the small repairs around your new home. Bakersfield homeowners need a tool kit!

The NEW Bakersfield Homeowners Tool Kit

No, you don’t need to own every tool you’ll find in a contractor’s inventory. Even the basics will get small jobs done. Purchase a hammer, a measuring tape, both a Phillips and a standard screwdriver, adjustable wrench, utility blade and a pair of pliers. I would also a socket wrench, stud finder and level. This is your basic starter tool kit.

If you have extra money, consider some power tools, such as a drill and sander. What is the one thing most Bakersfield homeowners do after completing the move in? Hanging pictures of course and personalizing the walls. Having a drill, level, a measuring tape and a stud finder come in really handy when hanging your first pictures and memories on the walls. Utilizing these tools prevent you from making more holes in the wall than necessary. Taking the time to plan and measure, also adds extra eye candy to the finished projects. Consider the following miscellaneous items a necessity.

Miscellaneous items

  • A 6-foot ladder is an indispensable item for all homeowners. Many HVAC filters and smoke alarms are set high in ceilings and only a ladder will help you reach them.
    • Having a mini step ladder is handy for shorter people as well.
  • Duct tape – it’s a miracle product. Sure, people laugh about it, but there are so many uses for the stuff, from removing dust from a lamp shade to taping wires together after splicing them.
  • Paintbrushes in an assortment of sizes – the small ones are handy for light touch ups so include those along with the standard-sized paintbrushes. I recommend brushes with the flat finish as well as the angled finish – angled finishes work well when trying to touch up a straight line.
  • Flashlights – and batteries. Every home should have more than one flashlight, not only to use in case of a power outage, but also to inspect those dark areas of the home. Don’t forget a hands-free type.
  • Stud finder – you’ll get a lot of use out of this when it comes time to hang shelves. Even when hanging light pictures. Hitting a stud when not intended can be frustrating when planning where to hang things.
  • Level – a level will help you hang the shelves straight and it’s indispensable when hanging artwork.

Where to buy your tools to save money

Bakersfield Homeowners obviously know the best bargains can be found at yard and garage sales and on Be careful, though, when purchasing anything other than hand tools; buying used power tools requires a bit more research. Check that the cords aren’t frayed and that all the safety features are intact and functioning. Check the battery compartment on cordless tools and pass on any that contain rust or corrosion and any that don’t come with a charger.

While they are a hot commodity at your local Bakersfield Habitat for Humanity ReStores, you may find some good bargains on used tools at these nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers. The bonus when shopping at a ReStore is that all proceeds go back into the community.

Now that you are well equipped Bakersfield Homeowners and have the tools, it’s time to learn how to do some of those upgrades and repairs. Visit The Family Handyman or Bob Vila for some affordable home improvement ideas.

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