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Elliott McCracken
Elliott McCracken
Published on September 18, 2017

Meet the Man Behind the Scene  As Bakersfield Realtor, contributor and partner of the BakersfieldRealEstateBlog.com, I strive to provide the most relevant and explanatory information available as it pertains to real estate in Greater Kern County and specifically Bakersfield. I provide information on both the national and local level to help buyers, sellers, and investors make well-rounded decisions as it applies to the local market when going through the real estate transaction. I provide new content weekly and I am here to help answer any questions you might have concerning any topic you may read about here or hear about elsewhere. I am here to help, I am your Bakersfield Realtor!

Why I’m your Bakersfield Realtor®  Buyers and Sellers choose to work with me as their Bakersfield Realtor because I am very personable and easy to speak with. I build a positive rapport from the beginning so clients feel comfortable coming to me with any concern throughout their transaction. More importantly, I am detail oriented and pay attention to my client’s needs in-order-to serve them to the best of my abilities. I am a well-rounded individual, disciplined, and hardworking; I am punctual and answer all questions and concerns in a timely manner. I don’t disappear like a rabbit in a magic show when the sale closes. I follow up with you in the future to make sure you move went smoothly and you remain satisfied in your new home! Last but not least, I am local. I moved to Bakersfield at age 5. Raised in the late 80’s through the early 90’s and beyond, I have witnessed this town double (and then some) in size and cubic miles since moving here. I know the neighborhoods. I am a proud Bakersfield Realtor and resident of this community.

What can Prestige Properties do for you?  As a part of the Prestige Properties Team, I work hard for all my clients while providing the highest level of customer service on par with the reputation the Prestige Properties team has become known for. I provide quality customer service to both high end sellers and first time home buyers just the same. I don’t thrive on “closing the deal” like your average pushy salesman, but rather pride myself in knowing I am assisting families through a stressful situation by making informed and confident decisions when buying and selling real estate. I want to establish lasting relationships and become your first point of contact when any thought of “Real Estate” comes to mind. If you need a recommendation on a general contractor, painter, gardener, pool service, handyman, even a good lawyer, give me a call. Being in the business for as long as we have collectively, we have made a plethora of solid business connections; making my referral network better than the phone book or any online referral agency. I want to earn your business and more importantly – your trust! Down the line when the opportunity presents itself, I know you will feel confident referring me to a friend, family, colleague, church member or neighbor knowing they are in reliable hands. #YourPrestigeBakersfieldRealtor

My Passion is my Profession  Being a passionate Bakersfield Realtor®, I want to make sure all my clients are well informed and know exactly what is going to happen during each step of the buying and selling process. I accomplish this through the two foundations of my business: 1) Time blocking my day – my day is maximized to perform at a high level for each of my clients – effectively and efficiently 2) Regular updates and communication – when I get an update, you get an update so we stay on the same page throughout the transaction (don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I am constantly blowing up your phone all day and night)! As an ambitious agent, I am eager and willing to put in that extra effort to make sure my clients have ‘the’ Prestige experience. I would love to be your Bakersfield Realtor® and earn your business and trust for life! #YourBakersfieldRealtorforLife

Being a Bakersfield Realtor is the Best! Personally, this isn’t just another job, or a “9-5” as they say. Real estate goes much deeper than punching in and out. You see, as a Bakersfield Realtor, I have the opportunity to bring happiness to my clients and their families. I know they are making a life changing investment in their future and it is my pleasure to help guide them through the process. That is priceless and what keeps me thriving in such a competitive industry. What I enjoy most about the profession and being a Bakersfield Realtor, is the feeling I get when I help a family find that perfect home that fits their needs and their budget, and in the area they desired. I don’t build a track record of sold homes, I build relationships at a micro and macro level in this community.

Specialties One of my many specialties is working with first time home buyers. The joy of watching people find a place to call their own home is priceless. I also love helping and representing second time home buyers, looking to upgrade or downgrade. Some may see it as an obstacle, but I thrive on the challenge of handling the sale of a home while finding their next dream home! Usually on the second around, buyers expect more from their new home including features, location, school districts, and other various factors to suite their lifestyle. I say bring it on! Let’s comb through every neighborhood until we find what you need. #BakersfieldRealtorSpecialist

A Buyer’s Best Friend  The best way to accomplish the home buyer’s goals is to understand their confusion and relieve their stress during the buying/selling process; especially for a buyer with little or no prior knowledge of the real estate market and going through this process for the first time. As a professional Bakersfield Realtor, it is my job to educate by providing current and relevant market data coupled with answering frequently asked questions. When buyers feel like they have coach on their side, providing “game winning” solutions, they feel confident in their decisions. I am also here to guide them as to avoid making costly mistakes! What you don’t know can result in feeling like you were on the “short side of a sale”.

A Seller’s Solution  A smart Bakersfield Realtor will tell you that getting your home starts with the marketing. When you hire me for the job of selling your home, I provide state of the art marketing technologies and techniques to target, locate, and motivate your ideal buyer to view your property. I offer a rare, unique and effective marketing tool as a standard for all my sellers! I utilize state of the art 3D tour modeling system to showcase a seller’s home with the Matterport Camera System. This allows for 24/7 virtual open houses that keep unnecessary lookie-lous satisfied while simultaneously minimize random traffic from coming to your home! This process not only puts your home’s best foot forward to potential buyers, but it also narrows down the buyers with serious interest in your home while giving them the opportunity to see your home numerous times! This system is compatible with 3D goggles and allows viewers to feel as if they are right in your home! For an example tour, click HERE.

Credentials  I graduated 2007 with a bachelor of science degree from C.S.U. Bakersfield majoring in Business Administration  with a focus in Accounting. With the utmost confidence that my personality, background, and my education would provide a strong foundation to build upon, I made the decision to leave the accounting profession and dive head first into a Real Estate career. I pursued and obtained my Real Estate License in early 2016 and I haven’t looked back! I know knowledge is power. In order to be a knowledgeable Bakersfield Realtor, I take classes and trainings regularly to stay current on all things real estate. I am currently in the process of several certifications, coming soon. I am you Bakersfield Realtor! #YourChoiceBakersfieldRealtor

https://youtu.be/YX4fJcAJxaY You can find my social media links here: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

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